Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moving Image Works from the Zabludowicz Collection at Anna-Catharina Gebbers | Bibliothekswohnung, Berlin

Image: Susanne Bürner, "50,000 can't be wront", 2006. Digital video, sound, 6min 24sec, looped and stage. Dimensions variable. Courtesy Zabludowicz Collection and Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin

From 22 until 27 September 2009 Anna-Catharina Gebbers | Bibliothekswohnung is pleased to present for the first time in Germany a selection of works from the Zabludowicz Collection, London. The show is curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers and 176/Zabludowicz Collection.

The selected moving image works thematize narratives of history and take their inspiration from different existing aesthetic contexts. Art historical references, found footage or traditional rituals act as initiators which, during the creative process, are objects to shifts that obscure the source and unveil a more complex critical situation. Comparable to the Brechtian V-effect the attention of the viewer is drawn towards on the modality of the narration instead of giving way to the illusion, the self-evident and the obvious. The collection of historical facts and their interpretive exposure rather become subjects themselves. History and its narration prove to be a collection of things that undergo changing orders and stagings.

176/ Zabludowicz Collection collaborates with guest curators and artists, enabling them to realize projects with the Zabludowicz Collection and the exhibition space at 176 Prince of Wales Road, London. Anna-Catharina Gebbers is the current guest curator at 176 and this exhibition makes up part of In out of Place her ongoing project for 176 / Zabludowicz Collection which examines the idea of collecting and collections from various perspectives. In August 2008 Catharina Gebbers and 176/Zabludowicz Collection invited about 120 artists to be part of Krautcho Club / In and Out of Place a collection based project exhibited both in Berlin and London

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